3 02 2021

As I was formulating this theme in my mind to write a similar article, my friend Tom Trento of The United West sent out his regular email blast with the following article. I had been struggling with the frustration and confusion of why good conservative patriots were calling for, and championing the Qanon rumor that President Trump would declare martial law, and reclaim the White House. There was such a disconnect with that idea, and professing to be a patriot standing up for the Constitution, that I was disappointed in some of my fellow patriots who were obviously not considering the ramifications of such an action by Mr. Trump. This, to me, was playing right into the Leftist mantra about the Cult of Trump, which I wrote my last post about.

I had the privilege of touring Israel with Tom back in 2013. His love of America, Israel, and the Jewish people is unmistakable. He approaches the current situation with a bit more of a theological approach than I did in my previous post. I have included his article here, in total, with his permission.

Tom Trento, Director of The United West


On January 10, 2021, four days after the chaos at the US Capitol, I put these considerations together to encourage the many depressed Trump supporters. Take a look and let me know your thoughts.

If you believe in God, you believe in his operational providence, thus you believe that God had something to do with the unimaginable fall of President Trump in a 24-hour period on January 6, 2021.

Why would God effectively remove President Trump from a leadership position of 75 million people?

Though it is human nature for man to seek leadership from other men, all too often, as Hebrew history instructs, the seeking of leadership results in the “worship” of leadership. Hebrew history also teaches that is a no-no with a “jealous” God.
Though I never bought into the propaganda of the Marxists, that Trump’s followers (Trumpsters) were really a cult. As a student of history (and of cults) I was very concerned that many of my fellow Trump followers lost primary sight of the Constitutional Principals upon which Trump was standing and focused more on the “strong-man” behavior of a guy who could finally kick the ass of the leftists. It felt good to win!
Through the years, particularly as the theft of the election came more into focus, a significant number of furious Trump supporters, focused on (hopefully) physically fighting the Democrats in spite of the President’s calls for peaceful and legal activity. This angry group of Americans blurred the primacy of the Constitution with their hatred for the Marxists.
What about Impeachment, will President Trump get impeached and will that create more chaos with some supporters?

Any objective non-lawyer, through a casual reading of the guiding documents, must conclude, (notwithstanding the political nature of impeachment) that there is NO legal basis for either the application of the 25th Amendment or the initiation of the process of Impeachment. Ironically, ALL OF TRUMP’S SPEECH, before the rioting at the Capitol is fully SETTLED in Federal and Constitutional law. He violated NO law, is legally guilty of NOTHING, as the burden of moral culpability (in a sane world) rests upon the moral agent! Perception, in the hands of hateful leaders, coupled with the assistance of virtually all Big Tech modalities, aided by weak-kneed “friends,” wins the day.

So, is this development something that God willed or allowed? Good question for the theologians, but the result is the same, Trump is done…at least for now, as the moral leader of the 75 million patriotic Americas who simply want to follow the US Constitution.

 Is a retired, non-Tweeting, amazing President, not in direct leadership, good or bad for America?
This is a question of critically important debate. There is much value to the “strongman behavior” of Trump, and that will be missed. Part of his political success in four years of constant opposition, was due to his “take-no-prisoners” style.
Is it possible to confront and defeat the energized Biden Administration and their Marxist collaborators without the combative leadership of President Trump?
On balance, I believe that a program without President Trump in a direct leadership position, if properly administered, will return a clear, unobstructed focus and preoccupation on the FIGHT for the priority of the US Constitution in the next four years of the Harris Administration. The Marxists have very effectively used the  “Theater of Trump,” to obfuscate our cries for Constitutional integrity. Theoretically, with Trump on the sidelines, 75 million “Trumpsters” can become 75 million Patriots telling King Kamala, regarding the Constitution, in the manner of Nancy Pelosi shredding-the-Trump-State-of-the-Union-Speech,  “NOT ON OUR WATCH!”
In 2008 Barack Obama started the fundamental changing of America, for the worst, by violating the US Constitution and developing a BIG GOVERNMENT approach to every problem. Obama sides with Islam over the Judaeo-Christian basis to America, then for political purposes initiates a massive division of races. The now-legendary Tea Party starts in response to Obama’s socialist direction as many Patriots start yelling, “Taxed Enough Already.”
In 2016, the never-elected Donald Trump, in what some call the “Theater of Trump” defeats 17 establishment politicians in an unprecedented victory that was HATED by both Democrats and many Republicans. Miraculously (remember the operational providence of God) against all odds, in spite of unmitigated opposition, President Trump accomplishes more positive CONSTITUTIONAL developments than any President in modern time. In 2020, Deep State, et. al., target Trump for defeat and succeed through fraud, then install a Joke and a Marxist.
Starting 2021, with Kamala in the shadows and Obama 2.0 rejects in the lead, and with control of two branches of Government and full control of the Legacy media, and a perceptive, security context of needing to suppress dangerous “Trumpsters,” a full-court cultural/legal attack against we who still support President Trump will be in full operation by the US Government. This is not good.
So, I ask the question, with Trump now removed (by God?) can the “Trumpsters” properly refocus our civic, raison d’etre on the US CONSTITUTION, where is belongs, especially in this anti-constitutional Harris Administration?

Can we go from “Trumpsters” to Patriots (who still fully stand with our former President) and root our lives, fortunes, honor in the proven history of the Constitution.
Shedding the “Theater of Trump,” as emotionally regretful as that may feel, may just be what the doctor (God) has prescribed in the days ahead. The days before us will be an ongoing fight for the priority of the US Constitution and for that which is right and that which is TRUE!
 May God bless the the USA and President Donald Trump!

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Cult of Trump

24 01 2021

Dear Katie Couric, Joy Beehar, Hoopie Goldberg, Chuck Schumer, McConnell, Pelosi, Squad, CNN, MSNBC, and any other master dipstick to whom it needs to be explained:

I keep hearing the term “Cult of Trump”, “brainwashed followers”, etc in referring to 74 million people who voted for President Donald Trump.

Now hear this!

My beliefs were my beliefs before Donald Trump ever considered entering politics!

Get that?

I did not suddenly adopt political views in line with Mr. Trump’s that preferred smaller government, America first foreign policies, pro life, lower taxes, less government control and regulation, fair equitable and free trade agreements, holding our trade partners and allies to their commitments, tighter border security, pro law enforcement, pro military readiness, pro Israel, pro Middle East peace agreements, tax policies that keep American jobs and money at home.

My belief in Jesus Christ had nothing to do with the sudden appearance of Trump. My love of the Bible and the US Constitution was neither boosted nor abated by the arrival of Donald Trump in the White House. I did not love my fellow humans any more or less due to the presence of Trump.

But here is what I have learned.

I have learned that Progressive Leftists project their own psychosis onto their opponents as well as their friends. I have watched as you swoon over a smooth talking charismatic Leftist who apologized for America as he walked through the Middle East kicking over fire pits and threw gasoline on them. I watched as you winked at me while he invited Muslim Brotherhood members into the White House, and met with and encouraged Marxist organizers who were inciting riots and burning major US cities.

In fact, I may even concede that two terms of a Marxist sympathizing, Saul Alinsky protege who refused to secure our National borders against thousands of invaders, while calling me a racist, did steel my resolve to support any candidate over his own handpicked successor who would continue these anti-American policies.

I am fed up with your fear mongering, slanderous accusations against me.

You call for “unity”. Well I’ve watched you long enough to understand your language. To you call for “unity” means your opposition submits. I will not submit.

You have become the American Taliban. You are systematically shutting down dissenting opinions in media, in Academia, and in politics. That began 8 years ago. Your “cancel culture” is worse than any fascist policy you’ve ever accused America of. I wonder, do you know what you are doing, and if so, YOU have advanced beyond the worst caricature of Donald Trump that you have ever imagined.

Donald Trump did not create me. I did not create Donald Trump. You, yes YOU, created Donald Trump. And you created him in your own image.

Stop the madness.

If you want to see the oppressor, the ideologue, the provocateur, look in the mirror.

Double Standards

10 01 2021

(The following is a Facebook post I recently put up. I decided to add to this venue so that I can link more detailed articles for the reader’s benefit, and also, many of my DTN subscribers do not follow my FB page.)

“Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to conscience, above all liberties.” -John Milton

The fulfillment of this quote is, and has always been, at the center of the American values system and experience. Recent developments in Washington, DC has led to a great discussion now on the rights speech, and the rights of private companies.

First of all, let me be clear. I do not condone the violent breach of the Capital Building on Wednesday. I was out of touch for a few hours that day, and a friend called to inform me of what was going on. I could not believe it. There are many things that make me skeptical that these breachers/rioters were Conservative Republicans. (You may think that’s crazy, but this is my post, so shut up and finish reading.) But I will leave that point for later discussion, and it appears that the culprits are being rounded up and dealt with by law enforcement, and I am sure these individuals will feel the full force of the justice system, unlike those who we’ve watched burn, beat, destroy and pillage for the last 7-8 years.

Secondly, I will concede the rights of private companies not to participate in, or be forced by government to participate in activities which are against their own standards or deeply held beliefs. I cannot say, and do not believe that my Left leaning friends who believe that a baker or florist do not have the same right of refusal as another privately owned yet publicly traded company, would concede that point.

If Twitter and Zuckerberg want to edit or control speech, that’s fine; I signed the contract that pretty much gave everything I post over to them. However, as a publicly traded, and publicly used utility, they need to be held to the same standard of “non-discriminatory” usage as every other utility, which cannot deny service based on race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or political affiliation.

Thirdly, if you don’t see the Double Standard here, that has been developing for years, not months or even since this last Presidential administration, you have your head in the sand. This process has been well under way under the radar, and came to the surface during the Obama Administration when #BLM swept across University campi across the nation, following the Ferguson riots.

Just a few miles down the road at Kansas University, BLM operatives invaded the Student Senate making demands of the Senate members and furthermore, of the attendees. Among those demands, any white person, even an “ally”, who wanted to speak had to be given permission by a person of color before they were allowed to speak and be heard in the public discussion. Now, not many of you probably know that. But I have a highly educated professional friend in Lawrence who attended that meeting and took copious notes, and relayed it to me immediately.

I do not share that anecdote to cast racial aspersions at all. In fact, its not even about race. It is about one group of people being, not only willing, but allowed to silence another group, in an institution bought and paid for by public funds, for the purpose of public education. That very institution in historical fact, was at the cutting edge of the abolition movement which freed an entire group of people from bonds of oppression, slavery, disenfranchisement, and censorship.

Teachers and professors have been fired or ridiculed into resignation across the nation by these radical Leftist groups for daring to offer any semblance of alternative viewpoints, or in some cases just saying a simple historic word, in context of historic discussion. “University” used to be the most Liberal place in the country. And by “Liberal” I mean in the classical sense; liberal thought used to mean “open minded”, per se, and open to different ideas. (I do not refer to these Leftists as “Liberal”. Our Founders were very Liberal in that Constitutional government by the People had never been tried before.)

University was where students were exposed to ideas and thoughts that perhaps they had never encountered before, in their corner of the country. The University was truly where these ideologies and philosophies all came together and in true “Diversity” brought everyone involved into a single “Universe”-ity. But today, diversity of thought is NOT permitted on campus, and speakers who might bring an alternative idea are not given a platform, denying the student body of a true diverse discussion and ideological exchange. Universities today serve to codify, propagate and ingrain the philosophies of godless individuals like Karl Marx, who denied his own family of a decent home (and most of his children died before he did), while he spent his Engels provided stipend on clothes, cigars and travel.

Finally, this fundamental transformation did not happen under the “devil” Donald Trump. It was deeply embedded in the bureaucracy years before. This is much bigger than Donald Trump, and if you think it’s about him, or in reaction to him, you have drunk the koolaid. It’s not even about Twitter suspending his account, or Facebook filtering anything I posted about the election by “warning” that “there is no evidence of widespread election fraud”. (Hell, Zuckerberg is probably going to shadow ban this post.)

This is about a full segment of society believing it is entirely “OK” for opposing points of view to be shut down. Maybe you weren’t aware of the things that I have shared here. Why would you suppose that is? Perhaps a willing participation of “omission” by news media? Censorship is not just about not allowing some points of view to be published; it’s also about the refusal to cover events, or report on things that the public should know.

Censorship also comes in the form of ridicule, and this point is one that Saul Alinsky made well, because it works, and it works because public ridicule is one thing that most, almost all people, want to avoid, even if they are right. It is also the easiest form of censorship for the mob to exercise. I do not mind if you disagree with me and we can have a civil discussion; if you have followed me long enough you know that. But if you think it’s ok to shut down an opinion, or an ideological point of view, you may be excused from my page. [I have always championed free exchange of ideas on this page, and have only ever blocked 2 people; one for obscenities and one for just being an ass.]

I find it incredibly ironic that people, especially Leftists, or those who fancy themselves as “Independents” or “moderates”, who have decried “Corporate America” for decades, have now, not only conceded, but sold their sovereign souls to support giant corporations who hold and exercise the power of not just censorship, but work with government entities to shape and form public opinion by controlling information, shaping policy, and influencing or even corrupting elections.

It’s all good.

Until it’s your information, opinion and ideology that is scrutinized.

Double Standards. Stuff ’em.

Swamp Hunting

10 06 2017

(Please excuse the title 1915 on your email notice.  I published before I realized I hadn’t titled the post!)

In another life, many years ago, I spent more than a few nights running the woods, chasing after baying hounds and stumbling over deadfalls, crashing through underbrush, lunging over creek banks, and floundering through water that was deeper than it appeared in a flashlight beam.  Long nights of getting wet, cut, descended upon by Game Wardens, bruised, lost, scraped, running until breathless, and laughing at each other in the calamity.  ‘Coon hunting.

I had a dog that was marginal.  Traded a crippled horse plus $50 cash for that dog and a box for the bed of my pickup truck.  I was just a dumb kid, and would have been money ahead to keep the horse.  But ‘coons were bringing good money in those days ($40 apiece in the late ‘70’s) and my buddies and I had nothing better to do after dark, so we needed a dog, but had very little money to spend on one.  Oh, Ole Sally had been quite a dog in her day, and garnished a reputation of being “true blue” (although she was a Black and Tan).  That was before they took her to the swamps in Louisiana and something happened that soured her, unbeknown to me at the time.  (Hmm, maybe a gator. Who knows what distractions and scurrilous psychological maladies be found in a swamp at night?  Probably hit the trail of a slimy US Senator who shape-shifted into a TV “journalist” who stuck a video camera in her face and called her a xenophobic  Procyon Lotor  terrorista…or something.)

I traded for Ole Sal and we commenced to hunt.  More often than not, she’d trail junk (unwanted game such as deer, coyote or worse, a possum).  The problem with a possum is they’ll climb a tree and when the dog hits “tree” it looks like a real “tree”, until you shine up that ole grinnin’ possum.  Occasionally, we’d actually get a ‘coon.

Many times she’d “slick tree”.  That is, she would bay “trail”, and tree on a clean tree (no game in it).  In other words, her experience with the shape shifter in the swamp affected her mind, and she would put on a show, get the hunters all excited, lead us on a fast paced, helter-skelter run, and when finally she showed “tree”, there was nothing there.

The last few months in Washington DC have looked an awful lot like one of my ‘coon hunts.  Lots of excitement and anticipation, imaginations and speculations.  Lots of commentary and expectation while running the trail, only to find a “slick tree”, or worse yet, that ole grinning possum peering back at them.  (For some reason, I want to name him “Harry”.)

But, at least they’re on the hunt.  Rumors of “Russian Collusion” finally were trailed down to “Russian Interference” in the election process, and everyone should be concerned about that ole grinning Possum.  Yep, he tried to get into both parties hen houses, but little Johnny was snookered into opening the coop door, and the old grinning egg sucker carted off a whole treasure trove of emails, some of which implicated Johnny’s candidate, who had tried to set up her own henhouse in a closet ignoring the warnings about those ole snooping possums, and the rules for government communicae.

Accusations of the new President colluding with the old Possum to sabotage Hillary Clinton’s campaign have dissipated into a “slick tree”.   In fact, the old soured Hound himself has repeatedly said so.

Leaving the hunting analogy for just a bit here, let’s take a different view of this whole debacle.

For the months since the election, November of 2016, we have been constantly bombarded with “Trump colluded with the Russians to sabotage Hillary’s campaign”.

First of all, why would the Russians prefer an unknown, a loose cannon, someone who is unpredictable, but has made campaign promises to increase spending on US Military interests and expand our military capabilities, presumably to at least GW Bush’s level, and possibly to Reagan’s era?  It doesn’t make sense.  With Hillary Clinton in the White House, any observer, especially the old Russian possum, would safely assume a continuation of Obama’s foreign policy, worthless red lines and abdication of the Middle East and the Caucuses area to Russia, US Military cuts, a do nothing attitude concerning Russian expansionism into Crimea and Ukraine, not to mention Russia’s military build-up over the last 20 years.  Why would Russia want to risk a free rein and oppose Hillary?  After all, she brought that big red button to Geneva to share with them!

Secondly, and more importantly, who was guarding the henhouse?  Whose administration was on duty?  Whose responsibility was it to make sure that old Possum didn’t get into the henhouse?

That old sour Hound has been leading a pack of yokels down a bad trail and stuck ‘em on a slick tree!  The media and the Congress has been had, and so have the American People!

The real culprit here is not Donald Trump, or his campaign.  Trump had no power or responsibility to keep the Russians out, (assuming that’s truly what happened, a “Russian hack”).  That’s a national security issue.

That is the responsibility of the President of the United States and the US Government; to secure and defend the interests of the United States and her citizens.  The real culprit here is the Obama Administration, yet no hounds are on the trail!  It was the Obama Administration;  James Comey, FBI, Susan Rice, NSA, John Brennen, CIA (who incidentally is known to have supported a Communist Party USA Presidential candidate), Ashton Carter, DOD, Jeh Johnson, Homeland Security,  John Kerry, Secretary of State, Director of Intelligence James Clapper, and finally Loretta Lynch, US Dept of Justice Attorney General.

It was this bunch who were supposed to be “watching the henhouse”, and keeping the Russians under watchful eye, denying them entry at every turn.  What were they doing?  Well, we have been given enough evidence to suggest and confirm that the FBI was monitoring telephone conversations involving Trump campaign members months before the election, as revealed in the NY Times when the felonious “unmasking” report was published.  Why weren’t the FBI blocking the efforts of the Russians, or at least notifying the respective campaigns that Russian probes were being made so take the necessary precautions?  Perhaps there was a little “fishing” going on; let’s let them in and see if we can tie the Trump people up in a collusion scandal.  Hmm?  Well, it’s about as valid speculation as some of the other stupidity I’ve heard.  But of course, then President Obama got really tough with Putin and told him to “cut it out”.  That should have taken care of the old Possum.

So when is Congress going to subpoena Loretta Lynch and grill her about her request to Jim Comey (which he said made him very uncomfortable) to use the language being used by the Hillary campaign and refer to his probe on her as a “matter” and not as an “investigation”?  How about questioning AG Lynch about her meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac, during that investigation, just a few days prior to James Comey’s now infamous and unprecedented unilateral press conference where he listed Hillary’s misconduct of handling classified emails, then recommended no indictments to DOJ.

Where were all the shape shifters back then?  Where were all the tough journalists looking to hold government accountable?  Where?!

About a week ago I was called by the BBC.  Yes, that international media monster, that reports with the oh, so cool accent.  This was a follow up of a 3 hour on site interview I gave them back in March about why I voted for Donald Trump.  I explained to them that we were tired of the sour hounds baying at every dim trail and junk game.  Well, I didn’t use the ‘coon hunting metaphor, but in my best English and manners, I told them Trump was a result of years of propagandist party loyal media.

This time the British gentleman requested a live radio interview about Mr. Trump pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Accord.  The time he gave didn’t work for me for the live phone conversation, but I agreed to do a recorded response earlier in the day.  That interview did not air, and I’ve not had any luck getting a link to it.  I’ll give an account of that conversation in a future post, but I should have gone live.

I was called again Thursday morning by a British lady who asked me if she could call me after the Comey testimony and get my reaction.  “Well”, I said, “I won’t be watching.”

“Oh, you have no interest?”, she queried in a lovely accent.  I responded, “Not that I don’t have the interest, Ma’am, but I’ve got to make a living. I’ve work to do.”

Well, I think she was aghast that I wasn’t going to wreck my work day to watch James Comey torpedo the Trump Administration.  I didn’t tell her I was weary of being slick treed.

I wound up giving that dog back to her original owner.

Man, it’s getting’ boggy down in here…

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