Kamal Saleem is a former Islamic Jihad Warrior who grew up in Lebanon. He committed his first jihad mission as a young boy of just 7 years old running weapons and explosives through the Golan Heights area into Israel to support Palestinian terrorists. Kamal fought jihad in many different countries and came to the United States on his final mission to recruit terrorists in the early 1980’s. He has written and released a book entitled “Blood of Lambs” a memoir of his life and terrorist activities. Kamal is now a Christian who is speaking out on the danger that his adopted country of America now faces from “peaceful jihad”. Please visit his site here and get his book. You won’t be able to put it down!

I recently had the privilege of co-interviewing Kamal along with the show host and a prominent Kansas Representative concerning Islam and the “colonization” of America. I have posted the nearly hour long interview with full names edited for obvious reasons. I have not personally verified stats cited in this interview, but would encourage the listener to do so. Photos and other information have been added to supplement the interview where appropriate.

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Eric Stakelbeck “On Terror” of CBN recently joined The Bibi Report for a discussion on the Muslim Brotherhood’s stealth jihad, or “Taqqiya” (Deception) agenda to bring Sharia Law to the United States. It is in podcast audio format.


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4 01 2013
Robert Feldman

The Deception of Islamists is as much a danger to the USA, UK, and EU , as the Nuclear ambitions of these Madmen Muslim leaders. Sharia Law must be stopped in its spread across Democratic nations.

4 01 2013

I agree Robert. In fact, I would go further to say the deception is a greater danger in light of the voluntary dhimmitude of the Western Governments.

4 01 2013
Robert Feldman

Very true, but so few of our fellow citizens, let alone our dilussional Demos in Wash DC have any idea of Dhimmitude or Taqquiah or even a minimal idea of what is in the Koran, that its an uphill battle to even have them question the profiteering sale by an Ex-VP Gore of a Media outlet to the Petro-mogels who wish us destroyed.

5 01 2013

The Bible says in the latter days that a “strong delusion” will take effect. This a result of mass rejection of the One true God. Man cannot exist in a spiritual vacuum. Satan will rush in to fill the void. This is a spiritual battle and we must fight it with that in mind. Those who reject God will never get “an idea”.

Never the less we must fight on. Last night my friend and comrade Representative Peggy Mast was interviewed on the Jim Bohannan Show. I have worked with her extensively on passage of American Laws for American Courts in Kansas, which was sign by the Governor last May. This was a team effort by many fine Kansas citizens who understand the cost, and what is at stake if we fail. We mounted a grass roots campaign and spoke to hundreds of people around the state, educating folks on Islam and its agenda.

The link to the Radio show is: Jim Bohannan Live

The task is daunting, indeed. Get involved. We need help!

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