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Middle aged lifelong student of history, politics, religion, and life. Happily married with 3 grown children. Enjoy simple pleasures such as music of all kinds, green grass, children laughing, good coffee, and the feel of a good horse under me during a quiet snowfall as the steam of his breath curls about his face.

I am continuously awed by the simple yet magnanimous touch of my wife, the gentle humor in the frolicking two day old calf worrying his mother, the fragility of the human spirit, and the resilience of the Earth.  I have come to appreciate the honesty of Nature and Nature’s God, witnessing miracles every day of my life, not the least of which is Christ’s love and grace for a wretch like me.

In the last 3 decades spent studying Islam, Christianity, and respective scriptural writings I have developed a deep appreciation for language and the value of properly communicating ideas through written media. Speeches are great and preaching can motivate, but the written word is for posterity.

My Screen Name:  “Ingrafted” refers to the Biblical position of a gentile believer.

Romans 11:17-24 speaks of the “wild olive branch” which is not fruit bearing, being graffed into the “good olive tree” (Israel) to become fruit bearing.  It is allegory for the gentile believer being taken in as a spiritual beneficiary to spiritual Israel through Jesus Christ.

This became necessary for the Apostle Paul to clarify as there were many teachers who were teaching the heresy that the Church had replaced Israel, and claimed the blessings of God upon Israel (Jews)  for themselves.  This is known as “Replacement Theology” and is very much alive and well today. It feeds anti-Semitism in churches and politics throughout history and around the world. Israel and the Church are not one and the same.

The tagline “Discussing the Soul of America” reflects my desire to dispel myths about Religion concerning  American history, the Bible, the Quran, and culture that have developed since the Secularization of American culture, which began in the early 20th Century and has left us a confused and fractured people.  This has left America a breeding ground for the “Stealth Jihad” of Islamic supremists who believe that Allah has commission them to bring the Sharia to the entire Earth.  If America can be taken from within, global domination of Islam will be at hand.

America must not fall…


To inquire or consult please write to:  definingthenarrative@gmail.com


26 responses

26 01 2010
Mary Stanhope

Well, I think I am hooked. Can’t wait to read more.

26 01 2010

Thanks Mary!

28 01 2010

Hi, Bob A. here.
Thanks for visiting and commenting on my site. I will hit back here for further posts. I may do some brief excerpts on what you write and send a link and thank you back so maybe some more visitors will hit here. Good luck and thanks.

28 01 2010

Thanks Bob,
Likewise I am putting your link on my blogroll. Enjoyed your site!

4 02 2010

I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen since you told us about your blog at the Town Hall Meeting Monday night. You are a gifted writer and thinker. Love your Christian perspectives. The depth of your knowledge on Islam is great for us who don’t want to do it for ourselves. Wish I had your info to forward to the fella on post so you could speak to the men’s group there sometime.

21 03 2010
Mountain Republic

Arrived at your blog via Bob’s recommendation. Enjoyed your writings and will visit again.


21 03 2010

Welcome MR. Likewise, I checked you out.
Great stuff on Israel and 911.

9 03 2011
James Anderson

Great blog!

11 03 2011

Thanks James! So is evidentialfaith.com

11 03 2011
Paul Boling

Hey, “Ingrafted”! Appreciate you sharing your research with us and keeping us up to speed….read Saleem’s “Blood of the Lambs,” and taken with what is now going on in the Middle East, it all adds up to some pretty worrisome scenarios. But whatever happens I know it has the attention of the one and only true God. I was given a couple of websites recently by a missionary to Indonesia I thought you might like:

11 03 2011

They are great sources indeed Paul, and already on my “blogroll” column;-)

29 03 2012
Deby S

It was great to meet you today at the Red Angus/Simmental sale. Thank you for being so generous with your time and knowledge. I’m bookmarking your site and will share it with others!

1 10 2012
Tyler Jones

Dear Sir, This is the second time a gentleman has sent me something you wrote. Wonderful. I’m going to tell some folks on a somewhat large conservative site about you. It is by no means a Christian site but there are a number of Christians who visit it. I think they and many of the non-Christians there will greatly appreciate your site and your research.

1 10 2012

Sounds great Tyler! Maybe we can persuade some of those non-believers! At least, help to inform a few more seekers!

God Bless!

9 11 2012
Al Robinson

Today after the election I was very upset but “The Coming Revolution” was a real eyeopner and beautifully done. How unfortunate our young people don’t have you as an instructor.
Thank you,
God Bless and Keep you.

13 11 2012

Thank you for your kind words Al. God Bless you as well.

16 01 2013
Kathy Monahan

Have you listened to Rico Cortes “Is Islam the Beast?” series? Interesting…
Kathy Monahan

1 09 2013
Marianne Bernard

Ingrafted, my heart is lifted by a fellow believer who is willing to speak what is true and to stand by it! I love your site!

3 01 2015

Thank you, I myself have held to these ideals and plan to write about such beliefs. Bless you for opening others eyes!

26 01 2015
Dawn Wessel

I agree whole-heartedly that religion is man made and Paul the apostle actually warned against ‘grouping’ or putting ourselves into ‘classes’ as in organized religion. If you’ll pardon though, I think that Christianity has failed and I put my reasons here (it’s free to read, just click on the ‘preview’ under the books’ icon):

18 05 2016

The Lord works in mysterious ways !!!!!!!!

6 07 2016
David Garriga

Same feelings here. All the glory to God!

4 10 2016

Sold the house in the city 3 years ago and moved to a small farm in northern Idaho. I had no idea what a spiritual journey it would be, and how God would speak to me through the seasons, the animals, and the good people of my small country church. I feel like I am watching a huge fire from a distance; safe in my location but watching the horrible destruction from afar.

6 10 2016

Isn’t it sad that you have had to take your real identity underground. We are there, now. I believe we, as Christians, have LET this happen to us. We blame so much on our gov’t bu,t in reality, we have sold our soul to the ‘almighty-tax-exempt-dollar-devil.

5 05 2017
Death is death

Dude – you’re an apologist and tool. Don’t make excuses for indiscriminate death. That’s weak. If you or your family died, and you read this stupid post, you would come hunting for the author.

6 05 2017

Which post are you referring to? I have no idea what you are talking about.

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