Cult of Trump

24 01 2021

Dear Katie Couric, Joy Beehar, Hoopie Goldberg, Chuck Schumer, McConnell, Pelosi, Squad, CNN, MSNBC, and any other master dipstick to whom it needs to be explained:

I keep hearing the term “Cult of Trump”, “brainwashed followers”, etc in referring to 74 million people who voted for President Donald Trump.

Now hear this!

My beliefs were my beliefs before Donald Trump ever considered entering politics!

Get that?

I did not suddenly adopt political views in line with Mr. Trump’s that preferred smaller government, America first foreign policies, pro life, lower taxes, less government control and regulation, fair equitable and free trade agreements, holding our trade partners and allies to their commitments, tighter border security, pro law enforcement, pro military readiness, pro Israel, pro Middle East peace agreements, tax policies that keep American jobs and money at home.

My belief in Jesus Christ had nothing to do with the sudden appearance of Trump. My love of the Bible and the US Constitution was neither boosted nor abated by the arrival of Donald Trump in the White House. I did not love my fellow humans any more or less due to the presence of Trump.

But here is what I have learned.

I have learned that Progressive Leftists project their own psychosis onto their opponents as well as their friends. I have watched as you swoon over a smooth talking charismatic Leftist who apologized for America as he walked through the Middle East kicking over fire pits and threw gasoline on them. I watched as you winked at me while he invited Muslim Brotherhood members into the White House, and met with and encouraged Marxist organizers who were inciting riots and burning major US cities.

In fact, I may even concede that two terms of a Marxist sympathizing, Saul Alinsky protege who refused to secure our National borders against thousands of invaders, while calling me a racist, did steel my resolve to support any candidate over his own handpicked successor who would continue these anti-American policies.

I am fed up with your fear mongering, slanderous accusations against me.

You call for “unity”. Well I’ve watched you long enough to understand your language. To you call for “unity” means your opposition submits. I will not submit.

You have become the American Taliban. You are systematically shutting down dissenting opinions in media, in Academia, and in politics. That began 8 years ago. Your “cancel culture” is worse than any fascist policy you’ve ever accused America of. I wonder, do you know what you are doing, and if so, YOU have advanced beyond the worst caricature of Donald Trump that you have ever imagined.

Donald Trump did not create me. I did not create Donald Trump. You, yes YOU, created Donald Trump. And you created him in your own image.

Stop the madness.

If you want to see the oppressor, the ideologue, the provocateur, look in the mirror.




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14 06 2021

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