UPDATE: HR 569- Special Status for Muslims Bill

7 01 2016

***LATEST UPDATE BELOW as of Sept 10,  2016***
(Scroll down to see latest sponsor update)

Last December I published “Freedom of Speech: The Continued Assault on America’s Most Precious Liberty” which discussed the dangerous aspects of the bill giving special status/protection to one religious group.  I published the entire text of the bill (without the list of sponsors)  in that article- If you have not read it yet, you can see it here — https://definingthenarrative.com/2015/12/31/freedom-of-speech-the-continued-assault-on-americas-most-precious-liberty/

According to GovTrack.us  the House Resolution which will give Muslims special status against “violence, bigotry, and hateful rhetoric” has gained many new co-Sponsors, all Democrats.  This makes 145 co-Sponsors, all Democrats.

The bill is still in Judiciary Committee, which is comprised of 23 Republicans (including Louis Gomhert, Trey Gowdy, and Steve King) and 16 Democrats (including Hank Johnson, who thought the island of Guam would capsize with so many military personnel and equipt, and Sheila Jackson Lee).

Here is a link to the entire text of the bill in pdf itself so you can see the entire list of the original sponsors and download for your own use:  https://ingrafted.files.wordpress.com/2015/12/hr-569-us.pdf

This bill is an American Muslim version of UN Resolution 16/18, a bill pushed by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) which represents the 56 Islamic nations around the world.  Hillary Clinton stumped for it at Ankara, Turkey, while Sec of State.

HR 569 specifically names Muslims as a special class, worthy of protection from “bigotry or hateful rhetoric”.  “Hateful rhetoric” is a subjective term and can mean anything, including criticism of Islam, and in the Shari’a “bigotry” can be something as simple as rejection of Islam itself, which is an offense to Muslims according to the Sharia, and justifies jihad.  We are seeing the results of this manifested in European countries today.  I do not ever recall a House Resolution which gives special preference to Jews, Christians, Buddhists, or any other religious group.  It is outrageous!

We hear the propaganda from the media on a daily basis about how Muslims are the most persecuted group in America.  The simple fact is, of all religious groups, Jews are still the most victimized.  The FBI reports 62% of anti-Religion hate crimes are against Jews, compared to 11% against Muslims.  While that FBI report is 2012, the latest available in a quick search, the latest data gathered by a media study group shows an uptick in post terror attack of about 17% in the next few weeks, but dropping back to 10% higher a year later.  That would increase the overall anti-Muslim instances to about 12-13% of all anti-religious hate crimes are against Muslims while not changing the 62% against Jews appreciably.

This pro-Muslim bill is most likely being peddled by Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Muslim Brotherhood organization who has had incredible influence on the Democrat Party members and some Republicans.  They have free access to the White House and continue to have “preferred” status at WH events.  CAIR is still listed as a “co-conspirator” in the 2008 terrorist funding trial, where several of its members were convicted and are currently in prison.   The indictments ceased when Mr. Obama took office.

Contact your Representative as well as the House Judiciary Committee members which you will find at this link:  http://judiciary.house.gov/index.cfm/committee-members .

Tell them to stop HR 569 in Committee.

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LATEST UPDATE as of 9/10/16:  Most recent Additional Co-sponsor:  Garamendi, John [D-CA3] (joined May 23, 2016)

Updated 5/17/2016  NEWEST Additional Co-sponsors are:
Foster, Bill [D-IL11]  Capuano, Michael [D-MA7]  Adams, Alma [D-NC12]  Graham, Gwen [D-FL2]   The Resolution now has 144 cosponsors (144 Democrats, 0 Republicans)

Updated on 4/28/16 -Newest additional Co-sponsors are:  Rep. Pete Aguilar [D-CA31] ,   Rep. Susan Davis [D-CA53] , Rep. Mark DeSaulnier [D-CA11] , Rep. Tulsi Gabbard [D-HI2] . The resolution now has 140 cosponsors (140 Democrats,  0 Republicans).

Updated on 4/22/16:  HR 569 now has 136 Democrat sponsors (No Republicans to date). Latest additions include the following Representatives:  Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick [D-AZ1] , Rep. David Scott [D-GA13],  Rep. Eliot Engel [D-NY16] Clarke, Yvette [D-NY9] ,  Hoyer, Steny [D-MD5] , Kind, Ron [D-WI3] , Nolan, Richard [D-MN8] , Levin, Sander [D-MI9] , O’Rourke, Beto [D-TX16] , Visclosky, Peter [D-IN1],   Beatty, Joyce [D-OH3]

Update 2/3/16:  HR 569 now has 125 Democrat sponsors (No Republicans to date) Latest additions include the following Representatives:  Rep. Janice Hahn [D-CA44]Rep. John Lewis [D-GA5],  Rep. Earl Blumenauer [D-OR3] Rep. Nita Lowey [D-NY17] ,  Rep. Sean Maloney [D-NY18],  Rep. Grace Napolitano [D-CA32] , Rep. Donald Norcross [D-NJ1],  Rep. John Sarbanes [D-MD3]< /a>Rep. Jackie Speier [D-CA14]Rep. Timothy Walz [D-MN1].

Update 1/20/16 :  There are now 115 Democrat sponsors on HR 569 (No Republicans to date).  New additions include:  Rep. Joe Courtney [D-CT2]  Rep. Juan Vargas [D-CA51]  Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman [D-NJ12]  Rep. Tony Cárdenas [D-CA29]  Rep. Donald Payne [D-NJ10]  Rep. Bobby Rush [D-IL1]   Rep. Nydia Velázquez [D-NY7]  Rep. Elijah Cummings [D-MD7]  Rep. Lois Frankel [D-FL22]  Rep. Kathleen Rice [D-NY4]

Previous additions (1/11/16) include Rep. Suzanne Bonamici [D-OR1] , Rep. Ben Luján [D-NM3] , Rep. Jerrold Nadler [D-NY10] , Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard [D-CA40] , Rep. Bennie Thompson [D-MS2] ,  Rep. Chaka Fattah [D-PA2] , Rep. Anna Eshoo [D-CA18] ,  Rep. Hakeem Jeffries [D-NY8] ,  Rep. Ann Kuster [D-NH2] ,  Rep. Rick Larsen [D-WA2] , Rep. Brenda Lawrence [D-MI14] , Rep. Ted Lieu [D-CA33] ,  Rep. Robert “Bobby” Scott [D-VA3] ,  Jared Huffman, D-CA; Steve Israel, D-CA; Alan Lowenthal, D-CA; Michelle Luian Grisham, D-NM;  James McGovern, D-MA;  Seth Moulton, D-MA; Patrick Murphy, D-FL; Raul Ruiz, D-CA;  Louise Slaughter, D-NY; Adam Smith, D-WA.





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9 01 2016
Tensions Over Freedom Of Speech Expected To Increase This Year | Living His Word

[…] THE BILL HERE IN FULL —- UPDATE: HR 569- Special Status for Muslims Bill Last week I published “Freedom of Speech: The Continued Assault on America’s Most Precious […]

2 02 2016

The resolution isn’t a bill, and it wouldn’t become law even if it passed. It doesn’t actually “protect” Muslims from hate speech or give them any special status, it merely expresses disapproval of discrimination/hate speech/violence against Muslims. That’s what an H.Res. is–Members have introduced resolutions condemning anti-semitism, resolutions expressing the importance of Christmas, etc. They’re not laws, just a group of Members expressing their feelings on something. Nothing to do with freedom of speech.

2 02 2016

Technically you are correct, and I addressed this fact in the original article. https://definingthenarrative.com/2015/12/31/freedom-of-speech-the-continued-assault-on-americas-most-precious-liberty/

The term “hateful rhetoric” is broad and is therefore open for interpretation. Islamic interpretation of “hateful rhetoric” can be “insulting ones religion” or in some cases, simply rejecting Islam, which is indeed an insult to Islam. This is most certainly an attempt to stifle freedom of speech. The way it works is to first get a resolution and sponsors. Next step is to lobby and get it passed. Next step is to advertise it. Next step is to bring a bill which will become statutory law.

No, a resolution is not a law; but it is one step towards it. 115 Representatives who think this is a good idea is more worrisome than an Islamic special interest group who lobbies for such a resolution.

For more background on where this comes from please read the aforementioned entry.


23 05 2016


19 07 2016
Common sense

It protects them or does it silence you from speaking up, if you see something say something,do you no the advisor to Obama is Muslim?do you no Obama’s father raised him with Muslim Faith?Humma under Hillary is connected to Muslim brotherhood, parents Your kids get this world!wake the F up! That’s why CAIR slid in u dear BLM so they don’t wanna be profiled how stupid is Americans?connect dots,search Muslim training camps in USA, see read educate urself cause Obama is a F LIAR! And Americans are being to NAIVE PC to see it wait,Orlando was nothing,it’s all Americans these SOB do not discriminate and don’t think some, some don’t no WTH is going on,

17 07 2017

Well, we can look at that list of 145 co-sponsers and know who to vote out of office in the next election.

18 07 2017

Exactly right, Gene!

18 07 2017

Exactly right, Gene!

5 02 2016
Freedom of Speech – The Continued Assault on America’s Most Precious Liberty | Defining the Narrative

[…] HR 569 in the US Congress has little chance of passing even if it gets out of Judicial Committee.  And it’s a resolution, not statute (Not that resolutions are not important and formative).  However, the really scary thing is it does have 82 Co-Sponsors, all Democrats.  82.  [UPDATED 2/3/16:  HR569 now has 125 Democrat co-sponsors.  For more updated info see here.] […]

17 02 2016
Emmett Sewell

what are these stupid Democrats thinking i know that sounds crude by I can not think of a more fitting word,you just wonder where their brain actually is,why would a committee that is being paid taxpayer money even waste their time on something that is so inherently wrong ,against the constitution and does not have a snowball’s chance in hell of passing,and even if that did happen which it won’t it,surely could not get past the supreme court,If something like this could get past our congress, then you guys turn the lights out because there will be no more republic,And one other thing every one that has signed on to this bill should be publicly shamed so all the citizens know what a waste of time their reps,are engaged in.

18 02 2016

Emmett, Somehow they believe that they will be given special preference by the colonial Islamists when they take control. At the moment that favor is returned by Muslim votes to keep the Dems in their power seats. Your comment is right on.

11 05 2016

Double standards ? There killing Christians and Islam , Edomites yea ! Hate both and are at war with both

27 06 2016
Some Dude

The U. S. Dept of Justice defines “hate crimes” as: “the violence of intolerance and bigotry, intended to hurt and intimidate someone because of their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.”

This is where I have a problem with it. “Bigotry intended to hurt and intimidate” is a pretty vague standard and can be used to justify all sorts of speech suppression. Banning Mohammad cartoons, banning negative depictions of Jesus, etc. Banning negative comments about illiterate uneducated illegal economic migrants draining welfare resources, etc.

Fortunately our cultural traditions don’t seem to allow much speech suppression. The internet is an ugly place, and that is a beautiful thing.

19 07 2016
Common sense

It protects them or does it silence you from speaking up, if you see something say something,do you no the advisor to Obama is Muslim?do you no Obama’s father raised him with Muslim Faith?Humma under Hillary is connected to Muslim brotherhood, parents Your kids get this world!wake the F up! That’s why CAIR slid in u dear BLM so they don’t wanna be profiled how stupid is Americans?connect dots,search Muslim training camps in USA, see read educate urself cause Obama is a F LIAR!

12 09 2016
Judith Perkins

Stop voting for DEMORATS. I quit long ago the entire party SUCKS. From the top down. My son went to Grenada then Beirut. Reagan sent his MAU to Grenada first to get those American students out. His MAU was headed to Beurut. Soon as the secured Grenada the headed to Beirut to replace the previous MAU. BUT informed of the bombing enroute. He said it was horrid sight. My husband went to Desert Storm Marine MSgt. This war my son in law a Marine too two tours in Iraq one in Afghanustan. My Grandson did 2 tours in Afghanistan a Marine. My daughter served in the Marines too a officer. I served in the Marines too. My Aunt her Grandson a Naval Officer served in Desert Storm. My cousin, her Granddaughters husband a Marine did a tour in Afghanistan too. Seems my family and extended have done their part. When I served, the Beirut Crisis. Worked 12 hours and more in supply at Lejeune to get supplies to the 6th and 8th Marines deployed their. Muslims do have good people but we do not know who we can trust. Every time we have people murdered in bombings and shot to death, you hear neighbors say how sweet they were and nice neighbors. It’s quite disturbing. Trust the no I do not. My son in law a Master Gunny was approached by a Muslim in town nearby their sector. He said we be friends now grinning. He told him Sir I’m not here to make friends I’m here to do a job. Because the time I think your my friend you’ll kill me. The guy laughed out loud. You stay over in your area and will do our job here…. got it. !!!!!! Not one of his men was hit all came home in good health. He told his men, if night sentries see anyone approaching our sector every one will get on their boots flack jacket lock and load, helmets night vision and support our sentries no matter what. It worked. Army took over and we’re hit and lives lost. My son in law is a very smart man. Love him dearly. He retired last year a real Marine who spoke up whether they liked it or not. Hes no nonsense and uses common sense. In that respect we are alike. Was the first Marine in my family. Grandfather a Medal of Honor recipient. Have a lot of him in my blood. Have 9 Grandkids and 9 Great ones. This law is stupid it’s against our rights to speak out. No Republicans are backing it. Yes Hillary has her pal a Muslim aide. Obama has Valerie Jarret born in Iran with Iranian parents and more in his Administration. Some in Homeland Security too. We have a right to speak our mind. They have dragged their culture here its not American at all. They refuse to adopt our ways it’s a problem. Some have and lIke it too. I say good for the Brits they are fed up. Bringing in these refugees is bad period. We will regret it. Gun sales are big time. We the people know best. Will be hit. 9/11 yesterday I worried they might hut someplace. Our youth brainwashed saw small flags dumped in the trash at a Unuversity. But retrieved and placed back. They were for all who were lost. Each flag was for each who died that day. NFL players showing disgust for the flag and the National anthem. Tired of this crap. You show disrespect I’m done with you.

14 09 2016

Judith, Your family is truly a great family of Patriots. Thanks to each and everyone of you for your service and contribution to our home, America. My son served 6 years in the Marine Corps, and did his tour in Afghanistan. He is my hero.

I, like you, am sick of the Politically correct BS. I refuse to be silenced. I started this blog in 2009 and today it gets hundreds of hits every day from around the world, even Muslim countries. I’ve had threats. I also speak publicly on this issue and have had Muslims case my house, and come to my speaking engagements. I lay it out, truth for truth, what Islam intends. Never have I had any Muslim deny what I say in the presentation.

Again, thank you to your great family for your dedication to America. May she long endure these attacks from her enemies, foreign and domestic!

I stand with you.

11 11 2016
Albert Davidenko

Hello Mrs. Judith Perkins,
Thank you for what you already done Thank you for Your entire family!
My concern is almost same. I mean many Americans doesn’t realize

18 07 2017
Jeff Boyle

Just wrote my Congressman. >This is essentially sharia law and certainly, leads to other laws that would slip in. I would not approve of special privilege as a Christian myself for Christians. I enjoy when others debate or wrongly criticize Christianity because I can defend it having first-hand knowledge. Muslims can not defend their faith in this way because there is no defense for Islam or sharia and look for protections to do it for them and are finding it with Democrats and liberals. We can not allow America to fall to Islam as Lebanon did and that road map is being drawn right now today. This must stop here. If we lose our voice, we’re done!

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