In The Face of Terror: A Message for America

10 09 2013

In The Face of Terror: Ugandan Pastor Speaks to America

Umar Mulinde, once a Muslim, not only left Islam to embrace Jesus Christ, but became a Pastor.  The very act of “apostasy” from Islam is enough to earn the death penalty in many places ruled by the Shari’a (Islamic Holy Law), but proselytizing Muslims and becoming a Pastor adds insult to injury.  An additional curse from Islam upon Pastor Mulinde is that he supports Israel.

Umar was taught by Islam to hate Israel as a Muslim child, even before he knew where to find it on the map.  Today while American children watch Sesame Street, Palestinian children watch programming teaching them to declare jihad on the Jews, reciting messages of hate in poetry.  Umar’s message to Israel, “Don’t sell your land for Peace!” His message to America, “Stand up before it’s [too] late!”

In February of 2012 a team from The United West was in Israel and interviewed Pastor Umar Mulinde at the Sheba Hospital in Tel Aviv.  This video is a portion of that interview.  H/T  Tom and Mark




3 responses

10 09 2013

“What man intended for evil, God will use for good.” What a faithful brother!

10 09 2013

Islam is not a religion but an evil ideology akin to nazism. It is unbelievable that it took roots in so many places on earth and it is even more unbelievable that in the 21st century it still resists and survives and good people don’t abandon this horrible ideology. Much is due to appeasement, ignorance and fear on the part of our governments.
Thank you Kit, you are doing a great job.

9 11 2013

So glad we had a chance to finally meet in Israel my friend!

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