God Chose Israel, America Chose God

14 05 2017

“God Chose Israel. America Chose God.”

These represent the two nations in world history that were founded upon the Word of God.

Israel was chosen by God to receive His Revelation, and to be the “Light”, that “shining City upon a hill” through which the rest of the world would see His Glory. It was not Israel’s choice, to be chosen, but God’s. Therefore, God, YHWH, Addoni, Hashem, is not only committed, but obligated, to the preservation of Israel. When all other nations have fallen, Israel will remain.

There was a time in Israel’s history when the people neglected the things of God and the Judges ruled, and “every man did that which was right in his own eyes”. There were other times of disobedience as well. The consequence to those divergences was God allowing Israel’s enemies to triumph over them for a time. But God was faithful to His Promise, and preserved Israel, which yet thrives today, in the face of his enemies.

America, on the other hand, chose God. Our Founding documents, going back to the Mayflower Compact, reflect that. As a result, America has been richly blessed, and also became that “shining city on a hill.” America became the freest and most benevolent nation the world has ever seen, strong enough to conquer any enemy, but benevolent enough to rebuild them instead, requesting no more ground than was needed to bury our dead.

If then, America has been blessed by choosing God, from the beginning, and benefiting from those same blessings offered Israel, and to any nation which abides by His Word, what happens when America “un-chooses” God?

Since God did not choose America He is under no obligation to preserve her, except by her commitment to Him.

THIS should not only be a sobering thought, but a terrifying proposition, for a nation who has barred God from the public arena, spurned His principles for a prosperous and blessed society, and rejected the holiness of Christ-like living in favor of debauched, licentious, and reprobate lifestyle, or consenting thereto. Where “every man does that which is right in his own eyes”.

Ponder that……




2 responses

15 05 2017
Larry Fischer

Kirk, what you say is true. But America has a big problem with many tentacles.
First, luxury.
Our freedom has allowed the human dynamic to be unleashed, and we have ‘created’ a modern society, again, unique in the history of the world. Abundance is/was the result.
Humans in abundance are not a humble as those in need or want.
That leads to hedonism. Pride and humility do not mix well.
I believe the pulpit is asleep, and has been for a long time. It also suffers from abundance, in money and also in novel ideas about the Christian God. The simplicity of scripture has been divided into many factions thereby diluting the simple message: Love God with all your soul and your neighbor as yourself.
In summation, we suffer from PMS:
We put:
-Power before Principle
-Money before Morals
-Self before Sacrifice
We are in big trouble. If we do not repent, review, and revive, we will dwindle in many way. If that action is attempted somehow, on a national scale, and it will have to reverse the present PMS to the original PMS…. I would say basically impossible… History tells us what happens in our present condition.
Yes, God did not chose us; we chose him, and we have forgotten.
Good article and thanks for your tremendous effort to enlighten America’s people.

15 05 2017

Great comment!

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