The Oklahoma Beheading: The Narrative is in the Works

27 09 2014

According to a CNN story, Alton Nolan, 30, was fired from his job at Vaughan Foods in Moore, Oklahoma, and went on a bloodletting rampage, beheading a 54 year old woman and stabbing another 43 year old woman. Not included even once is the Islamic name that Nolan had chosen after his conversion, “Jah’Keem Yisrael”.

The CNN version says that Nolan had recently been incarcerated (2013) for possession, escaping, and resisting an officer. It also says he had been trying convert co-workers to Islam. But, the CNN narrative is very careful to say that “beheading raises questions but officials say no terror link”, and that “it is not known if Nolen’s religion had anything to do with” the beheading. CNN also reported that “all U.S. law enforcement officials said was that there are no indications linking the Moore attack to terrorism.”

A quick look at Jah’Keem’s Facebook page reveals his interest in Jihad and Islamist activities abroad, and his devotion to Allah and the peaceful prophet, Muhammad.

Facebook-Jah'Keem Yisrael

Facebook, Album, Jah'Keem Yisrael

But the Independent Journal Review went a bit deeper still and posted “33 Things We Learned…” about Yah’Keem Yisrael, including more Facebook posts of heroes such as Osama Bin Laden, ISIL Terrorists whom he refers to as “my Muslim brothers”, himself studying Quran at mosque and posts glorifying the 911 attacks on America.

You can draw your own conclusions, but my money is that the official line will be “workplace violence”. The Feds, under pressure from CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) will not draw any connections to anyone else who believes, practices, teaches, or proselytizes for the ideology known as Islam. If they cannot find a direct link to some cell group, there will be no further examination made of those who recruited him while in prison or taught him at the mosque. This failure to follow the obvious link to an ideology which has been the common link around the world for violence and unrest, genocide, and terror attacks upon peoples of all races around the world, is akin to Holocaust denial. The obvious is omitted despite the evidence.

As IJReview puts it, “A preferred narrative surrounding the gruesome killing has been that he was just a disgruntled worker doing what disgruntled workers do. Nothing to see here – move along.”

Watch for more of these “Lone Wolf” events. This is only the beginning.

“I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads, strike off the very tips of their fingers!” Quran 8:13

H/T IJReview, CNN




10 responses

28 09 2014

“Jah’Keem Yisrael” is not a Muslim/Arabic name. It’s a Hebrew name.

28 09 2014

Hebrew and Arabic are very similar, both rooted in ancient Chaldean languages. Many names cross over in these cultures.

Nolan began his religous search through the “Black Israelite” cult before his conversion to Islam.

This does not change the fact that this man had converted to Islam, as evidenced by his own writings and photos. He obviously was not practicing Judaism.

28 09 2014

It’s not “Judaism,” but black Hebrew-ism that he appeared to be practicing. It is pretty clear that you don’t know what it is. He still uses the rhetoric on his Facebook page of black Hebrew-ism. At best he was mixing Black Hebrew-ism aka Black Hebrew Israelite-ism with concepts of fanatical Islam. I just don’t think people should be in such a rush to lump him in with all Muslims, just because it fits their desired narrative and they should be more aware of our own dangerous home-grown cults..

28 09 2014

The “Judaism” remark was tongue in cheek. Never the less, I am taking the man’s own statements at face value. His facebook feed repeatedly speaks to Islam.

And I didn’t “lump him in with all Muslims”. You have to separate “Muslims” as a people from “Islam” as an ideology. The point of this story is to show the self censoring that American media does. This is true “Islamophobia”-self censoring for fear of retribution.

Most Muslims do not practice pure Islam. In fact, Muslims are the first victim of Islam:

Muslims are not necessarily the problem; Islam as a theologically driven socio-political ideology is. The principle of Abrogation, written about extensively by Islamic scholars, is the single biggest factor in Quranic interpretation, which leaves the devoute’ at the hands of the jihadist recruiters. “The latter abrogates the former” puts the violent passages of jihad above those formerly given verses which speak to tolerance of non-Arab/non-Muslims.

But if you need another source concerning Alton’s Islamic religion, see this Palestinian’s website:

28 09 2014

You don’t appear to know the difference between a Jew and a Hebrew Israelite, much less a *Black* Hebrew Israelite. This is being oversimplified to fit the situation to people’s preconceived notions. There is more than one kind of anti-American religious fanatic. Educate yourself for a change.

28 09 2014

And you sir, obviously take from a comment what you want, so it fits your own “preconceived notion”. Or perhaps you just didn’t read.

Focus here.

The point of discussion is not the differences between Judaism, or Black Hebrew Israelite cult. Those are glaring and obvious. Yes, you are correct about anti-American fanatic cults- they are numerous. I have not addressed them here. I haven’t seen any of those guys in the news for beheadings.

Nolan had been trying to convince co-workers to convert to Islam, not Black Hebrew Israelites, NOI or any other cult.

I will allow your comments to stand.

30 09 2014

How many jihadists name themselves after Israel? Are you naive enough to think Obama is a Christian, just because he calls himself one and spent 20 years in Jeremiah Wright’s black-identity church. It’s the same thing. You don’t have any idea what Black Hebrew-ism is about. So, the difference is not obvious to you. How stupid and simple-minded can people be to think this guy is a typical Muslim jihadist, when his nickname is Hebrew? It’s not me that has the preconceived notion.

1 10 2014

Your point is on the periphery of the entire discussion. I am not denying this fellow had connections to Black Hebrewism. He may have had prior connections with Kabaal or Mormonism or the Mickey Mouse Club for all I care. Whatever.

No, he is not a “typical” Muslim jihadist, or even a “typical” Muslim. A “typical” jihadist has a specific mission, plans and executes in order to please Allah, and attain his 72 virgins in Paradise. This guy reacted on emotion. I did not call him a “jihadist”, a “typical Muslim”, or even a black man. You are the one who brought up all these. Read the article.

My point is that the man was infatuated with Islam and Jihad and was proselytizing on the job on behalf of Islam. When he became under duress as a result of being fired from this job, he acted upon his infatuation and immitated his heroes.

Does this evidence not mean anything to you?

30 09 2014

Here is Breitbart schmoozing with a Black Hebrew that was involved in an earlier beheading and one of the largest serial murders in history. Conservatives can be such superficial dumbasses sometimes. Black identity cults believe the black man is the originator of all culture and are Hebrew, Muslim and Christian at the same time.

1 10 2014

Ok, just so we know where you’re coming from. Your are beginning to bore me…

And by the way, don’t bother to post your “911 Truther” conspiracies here either. They will not stand.

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