Changing Demographics

26 08 2014

As ISIS, or “The Islamic State” continues to establish the Caliphate, it seems that few realize that ISIS, ISIL, or IS (same people) are no different than HAMAS, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, or the Taliban. They all share the same common ideology, spelled out in the Quran, that Islam is to rule the world, either by culture jihad, legal jihad, or militant jihad. This same ideology is shared among Sunni and Shia alike, worldwide, and jihad must continue “until Allah’s religion reigns supreme”-Quran 8:39 “Co-existence” is taqqiyya (deception) when promoted by Islam, and a deadly liberal pipe dream when believed by non-Muslims. It is a carrot dangled by Islamic groups from the Muslim Brotherhood affiliates to the “friendly” Turkish delegation.

I posted this video several years ago but many who are visiting this site have joined since then. It is a startling refresher for those who may have seen it as well as newcomers. This continues this video series of the Islamic Settlement of Western Society. More to come –




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28 08 2014
Marvin Angleton

Very Dramatic!
Wheres the Plan? The idiot in charge, Obama, has no plan except to accelerate the process. So, provide alternatives.


28 08 2014

Congress HAS to act to put a moratorium on ALL immigration for the short term. Ellis Island was not simply a “gate” for immigrants to walk through. It was filtration system. USA must return to screening immigrants. Once the government determines to enforce immigration laws that will sustain American culture, then immigration can be resumed, with that filtration system. This will include a return to policies which reject immigrants with anti-American sentiments or adhere to ideological systems such as Communism or Islam which pose a direct threat to American values of individual liberties and those freedoms defined by the Constitution. It must also include policies which require citizenship, and that following integration/assimalation education on American Language, Culture and Sovereignty; this process required to recieve any stipends, foodstamps, or other temperary “settlement” welfare benefits, and citizenship being required to receive SS benefits. (Now that I mention that, perhaps these principles should be required once again in our public school classrooms!) The “settlement” benefits will expire upon gainful employment or 6 months post legal entry. Failure to agree to integration/assimalation procedures will result in disqualification and deportation.

Any Islamist sentiments, allegiences or loyalties will be disqualifiers. Any immigrant or nationalized Muslim citizen convicted of violent protest or promotion of any law or ideology contrary to the US Constitution will be deported back to country of origin. Non-Muslim refugees from Islamist controlled areas will be considered refugees and submit to the above criteria upon entry to the US, barring any deadly contagious disease or criminal background.

But these are only stopgap measures which will never happen because Congress will never enact these laws. Politically, the last hope lies with the soveriegn states. However, the over-riding problem lies with the American culture itself. We have institutionalized late maturing children who are not encouraged to marry and when they do and have children, they’re in late 20’s to 30’s, and number of children per couple is too low to sustain the culture. Those who have children younger are usually trapped in the “single parent” cycle which produces insecure children who avoid lifestyles conducive to culture preservation for their children. Our modern culture has been washed of it’s spiritual moorings, namely the faith of the Founders, Christianity. America wasn’t designed to work without it.

Liberty demands responsibility. Freedom requires diligence. But alas, we live in an irresponsible, inattentive society. It would seem the alternative you request will require that which none will desire, nor appreciate. And those who are in a position to facilitate that, are not the ones whom can be trusted to put the good of the country ahead of their own Marxist ideology.

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