Kansas Governor signs American Laws for American Courts Bill

26 05 2012

Friday afternoon, May 25, Governor Sam Brownback took a proactive step to secure Constitutional rights for all Kansans.  A bill that has been in process for about two years finally came to rest on the Governor’s desk after passing both houses of the Kansas Legislature in mid May.

The hardest fought battle was in the Senate after Committee leadership failed several attempts to stonewall and block the progression of the bill.   This law was actually dead three times during the process. Each attempt to stop it was met by a series of courageous individuals who stepped up and carried it on in the face of opposition from tenured committee leadership and media critics.  In a previous post, Kansas Passes American Laws for American Courts I detailed some of that process.

American Laws for American Courts (ALAC) underscores the American ideal of “all equal before the Law”. It is the reinforcing of the promises of government to guard and protect the individual rights and freedoms as granted under the United States Constitution and the Constitution of the State of Kansas regardless of country or culture of origin, race, or religion.  It gives statutory direction to the Courts, which at times, without such laws to refer to, may use arbitrary means to reach a decision.

The HAMAS linked CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations), a Muslim Brotherhood affiliate, had mounted its expected attack on Kansas.  They mounted a national campaign for Muslims to contact Governor Brownback and tell him to veto the bill.

What hasn’t made the news, to my knowledge, is that this bill has been endorsed by the American Islamic Leadership Coalition, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, President and Founder of American Islamic Forum for Democracy, and has been examined and ruled as Constitutional by the Congressional Research Service. Unlike the Oklahoma ballot initiative of  2010, it has yet to be challenged in court in any state where ALAC has become law.

Since the Legislature had adjourned (sine die) prior to the end of the usual waiting period, the Governor had to sign SB 79 in order for it to become law.  That might have been the more politically expedient action for him to take; allow it to expire without his signature.

Nonetheless, in spite of the mis-information, and sensationalist and even international campaign waged by CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood affiliates, along with some uninformed citizens to marginalize the bill, proponents of the bill, the Governor and the overwhelming majority of the Kansas Legislature and Kansas citizens, the Governor chose to step up and make a public statement for individual liberties for every citizen, regardless of gender, religion, or cultural background.  Brownback will, no doubt, receive a tongue lashing from the media, left wingers everywhere, and pro-Islamist groups around the country and the globe.  He is not a newcomer to politics and to coin a phrase, that took some guts.

CAIR’s call to action lambasted the Kansas Legislature, and Kansas citizens, as Islamophobic, Muslim hating bigots, and that this law will forbid free exercise of Islamic religious beliefs.

Well, if your free exercise of your religious beliefs goes contrary to the Constitution, and existing Kansas and American Law, then I suppose that would apply.  Things like polygamy, slavery, inequity in legal status, stoning, suppression of the rights of other individuals (Muslim or non-Muslim), misogyny, yes, these things are contrary to our laws.

It’s sort of like driving the wrong way on a one way street.  It’s against the law, no matter who you are, or why you do it! Now if you get caught you can’t hide behind your religion, no matter what it is.

If your religious beliefs lead you to action that is legal under American or Kansas Law, such as your choice of diet, abstaining from alcohol or tobacco, pray 5 times a day (not blocking traffic), adhere to a dress code,  go to church on Sunday, synagogue on Saturday, mosque on Friday, or any other religious expression which complies with the law,  and does not infringe on the rights of others, knock yourself out!




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26 05 2012
the unit

So it looks like the sharia nations are a thorn in the side of the NWO, communism and Soros. More time to bide. There may be more war coming to keep that time biding. More of our young to pay the price. If so, wish all could see the light.

26 05 2012

One may move closer to the light but until the eye is opened, no sight is possible…

26 05 2012
the unit

So light comes in to the opened eye…no more sharia, no more NWO, no more communism, no more religion, even Christianity(according to the established church doctrines), western statism. What sight do you see? Just an honest inquiry here. Haven’t read you long at all, so first impression is pending.

26 05 2012
the unit

Ok…read more into your site…specifically…”God Hates Religion.” No need to answer above inquiry. I get your impression and thought. Perhaps entirely correct…I’m not one to say I have it all figured out or even closely. Just observed my deceased mom’s faith. Will find out in the by and by.

26 05 2012

Thanks Unit. I appreciate your honesty and inquisitive spirit. We are all students here. We will indeed find out in the by and by.

27 05 2012
the unit

Being new here have gone back reading, looking and listening to your posts.
It will take a year to see all. But I read Ayaan Hirsi Ali several years ago and think I get the message already. I will not keep open mind or an inquisitive one here, honest to God. Many will suffer in the sweet by and by.

28 05 2012
the unit

Spent a bit of time here today reading previous posts. Will be doing that for a while I’m sure. Glad for this site to come to. Rahm might say “a mind is a terrible thing to open.”

28 05 2012

Yeah, I think he followed that with “never let a crisis go to waste”. 🙂

9 06 2012

Bout time. Never give in, give up or shut up exposing evil.

10 06 2012
the unit

Wholeheartedly agree.

31 03 2013

The US Supreme Court has long held that not all religions are free to practice their doctrine under the protection of the First Amendment. As you pointed out, religious practices that include human sacrifice are illegal.
Sharia law allows for polygamy, sex with children, slaves, forced sex (rape) with captured combatants, murder of apostates, murder of Christians and Jews (people of the book), murder of infidels, discrimination based on gender and religious practices, and the extermination of all non-Muslims.
Clearly, Sharia’s form of Islam is not protected by our Constitution and its Bill of Rights. Yet, our Government allows the Sharia form of Islam to propagate throughout our lands. Organizations like CAIR and MSA advocate Sharia by attacking in our courts and administrative offices anyone who dares to try and stop the imposition of Sharia. I note too that the most violent form of Sharia is that which is practiced in the Wahhabi form. Nevertheless, all Sharia based practices are seditionist and violent. Wahhabi Islam is an exported theology from Saudi Arabia. The Saudis are financing Mosques throughout the United States and the West.
The Saudi’s run an academy to train Sharia based Imams in the practice of Wahhabism. Then, upon graduation, these Imams are sent to Mosques all over the world. Think of a Mosque as not a church, but a military outpost.
The Wahhabi Imams teach that the only true Islam is one that is based on Sharia Law. Look to the news for the world wide Genocide that is going on right now. It is no accident that “suddenly” all over the world Christians are being murdered for their faith by Muslims who insist on Sharia Law and the cleansing of their lands of all infidels and Christians. Islam is at war with all peoples who do not adhere to the faith.
The war against us is upon us now!
Many people are sounding the alarm bells of war. I am not an expert in Islam. I am a professional soldier and student of history. I’ve studied the great military tacticians of history. I can see what is happening. I can read the tea leaves. Yet, there is no Paul Revere running throughout the lands that garner the ear of the people. Sun Tzu’s, “The Art of War” advised his commanders to “know your enemy” know what he believes, and how he acts. Only then will you be victorious. Sadly, our government under the Obama Administration takes action to hide from the people just who the enemy is. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us all to expose the enemy, which is Islam and Saudi Arabia, to our family and local police and politicians forthwith.
Lastly, pray that the Lord protects us. Perhaps this should be the first thing that we do….the clock tics, and its almost midnight.


31 03 2013

Spot on! Thank you for your insight and your service to our country!

5 10 2015
Kansas Univ. Law School Teaching Sharia | Creeping Sharia

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