Guest Post: “Life Inside a Retirement Community on Lockdown”

2 08 2020

Occasionally I will post something here that is not an original work of my own. When a friend writes something that I wish I could have, I share it here. This piece is done by my personal friend, and old “comrade in arms”, Jana Rea, whom I have published here before. She has an enlightening point of view to a world not a lot of us are privy to in these times.

(H/T to her host site Libertarian News, which the link will lead you to for the entire article.)

“On my arrival for duty at the front desk, a married couple sat outside on the newly refinished benches, side by side, with blue tissue, china issue masks from ear to ear. I wish I had taken their photo. It was a sad sight but so indicative. I told them they could take the masks off while they were outside and breathe the fresh air. They said they did not know if it was allowed. Such is the heavy hand of government mandates in the minds of the compliant, trusting rule-following elder population. Who will rescue them? Who will champion them from the policy that asphyxiates their leisure years but reports to protect them? Yesterday I observed the most dedicated walker in the community; he was moving slowly down the sidewalk with cane and heavy mask, step by labored step. I approached and suggested he would get better results if he took his mask off while taking his daily walk. He asked if it was allowed. I said, “It is much better for you to breathe the fresh air.”

“…It is naïve to believe we are in a politic-free-zone when policies are affecting and infecting our every movement. That is the definition of politics—the brokerage of policies that impact our lives. It is a fallacy to think that we live in an amoral and apolitical world.”

Please follow this link and read the entire article! Click here for rest of article.




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3 08 2020

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3 08 2020
Larry Fischer, DVM

The Spanish Flu of 1918 might have been worse than Covid; I do not know.
But, we live in a world where things happen.
Tidal wave, volcanoes, accidents, pandemics, etc.
450,000 people died in American car accidents last year. I doubt Covid will be that deadly.
To follow the same line of reason, on the part of government, why should we be dring ourselves rather than mass transit?
Answer: LIBERTY, or freedom, the rarest commodity on the planet, is not allowed. Someone always stands up to protect someone else rather than allowing individual liberty to prevail.
This is Tocqueville’s dichotomy of freedom vs. equality.
, equality every day confers a number of small enjoyments on every man. The charms of equality are in every instant felt and are within the reach of all … But the pleasure of equality are self-proffered; and in order to taste them, nothing is required but to live … Tell them not that by this blind surrender of themselves to an exclusive passion they risk their dearest interests; they are deaf. Show them not freedom escaping from their qrasp while they are looking another way; they are blind … But for equality their passion is ardent, insatiable, incessant, invincible; … They will endure poverty, servitude, barbarism, but they will not endure . ..All men and all powers seeking to cope with this irresistible passion will be overthrown and destroyed by it.

Equality that allows every citizen to conceive these lofty hopes- renders all the citizens less able to realize them; … This constant strife between the inclination springing from the equality of condition and the means it supplies to satisfy them harasses and wearies the -mind … But men will never establish any equality with which they can be contented. Whatever efforts a people may make, they will never succeed in reducing all the conditions of society to a perfect level; and even if they unhappily attained that absolute and complete equality of position, the inequality of minds would still remain, which, coming directly from the hand of God, will forever escape the laws of man … When inequality of conditions is the common law of society, the most marked inequalities do not strike the eye; when everything is nearly on the same level, the slightest are marked … Hence the desire of equality always becomes more insatiable in proportion as equality is more complete.
—–Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

4 08 2020
Meredith Dana

Kirk, It is tragic that people believe all that is coming out of the authorities that be. Don’t they change the rules on what is good for you and what is not? Honestly, people are like sheep and in some way that is good but not if we are to remain a free people. This situation of nurses and doctors and workers considered “safe” for the nursing homes and their own families are not allowed to see them: that should be illegal. I am furious about it! It is truly an effort to kill the people in the nursing homes. I think we are going to have picketing of the nursing homes and hospitals! Thousands of doctors say it is all nonsense, that hydro chloroquine and zinc and another med is the cure but the wicked drug companies are not allowing hydro chloroquine which has been used for people for 50 years successfully. We need to form protest groups or something. This cannot go on for another 6 months when we know it is all a fabricated, a planned crisis in order to defeat Trump and to usher in a Communist Marxist government. I for one, will not go down without a fight. I will not get on the train to go to the re-education camp or concentration camp “for my own good.” Sorry for venting. I know you are as angry as I am. Keep writing about it and standing against the Left! Dana :^)


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> ingrafted posted: ” Occasionally I will post something here that is not an > original work of my own. When a friend writes something that I wish I could > have, I share it here. This piece is done by my personal friend, and old > “comrade in arms”, Jana Rea, whom I have publish” >

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