9/11 Fifteen Years Past: Dates which live in Infamy

9 09 2016

As we commemorate the 15th Anniversary of the second “Date which will live in Infamy”, September 11th, 2001, we must look in retrospection and introspection as to what we have learned about ourselves as Americans and what we have done to remedy the cause and prevent the potential 3rd Date of Infamy.

As President Roosevelt made his address to Congress on December 8th, he spoke of the attack of the Empire of Japan on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, which killed over 2400 and wounded over 1200 Americans.

 “Yesterday, December 7th, 1941, a date which will live in infamy, the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.”

He went on to rally Americans to respond with realistic tone of determination and warning that “our people, our territory, and our interests are in grave danger”.  America was suddenly and totally immersed in World War Two, a bloody struggle of free men around the world against the tyrants of Imperialism, Fascism, and National Socialism, all three led by racist dictators bent on world conquest, and forming the “Axis Powers” of Japan, Italy, and Germany.

However, this most recent “Day of Infamy” has not been met with the decisiveness of strong leadership, nor the resolve of a determined, united, and discerning people, as the previous had.

In early 1941 Gallup took a poll of Americans. Even with the Empire of Japan raping the Asian Pacific, Hitler and Mussolini occupying most of Europe and perpetrating the imprisonment and mass murder of Jews, and anyone else who stood in the way, 80% of Americans were still against entering the war prior to Pearl Harbor. After that Sunday morning, you would be hard pressed to find anyone willing to voice any opposition to anything short of full and complete immersion.  Even after America had been at war for some years, young men were afraid the war would end before they were old enough to get in it.

The difference between 9/11/2001 and 12/7/1941 is more than a mere 60 years of time passage. The difference between that generation and this, is spiritual.

While obviously not every person was devoutly religious in 1941 in America, there was a generally understood belief that God had set a guideline for living and that humans were accountable for themselves and their charges accordingly.  There was a strong sense of right and wrong, and providing for one’s self and family.  (These things still exist, but are more sub-cultural generally speaking.)

These people had been living through the Great Depression for the last 12 years.  (In fact, it was the war economy which pulled America out of that Depression.)  They had been conditioned to hard times and living within their sometimes meager means. Their faith had been tested and their character forged in the fires of total financial ruin, drought, high unemployment, and less than 25 years previous, World War 1. They were benevolent in spite of their lack. They were thankful for what they had and those who survive yet today are still the some of the most benevolent and gracious among us. They retained that spirit of self reliance, determination, and resolve. We would do well to learn from them.

In the days following 911, America briefly caught a vision of her former self.

Her people fled in droves to the solace of churches everywhere in search of comfort, reassurance, and an explanation. We assembled in groups as Americans, not multicultural hyphenated people groups.  We cried together, came to assist those in need, shared our plenty with those who lost much, and bowed our heads together to mourn our dead and memorialize heroes and the innocents.

We came together with resolve and righteous anger.  We were bound, even so very briefly by national patriotism, a sense of duty, shared sacrifice and loss, and that somewhat primitive urgency to avenge our countrymen. The recruitment offices were again flooded with volunteers for military service. There are yet to this day a few brave young men willing to step up.

People from large and small cities and towns across America took equipment, treasure and time to assist in recovery and cleanup operations at the Pentagon, Manhattan, and Pennsylvania.  Those who could not leave home gave blood, donated supplies, sent money, and prayed.

For the most part we received some comfort and reassurance in numbers and memorials, and helping our fellow countrymen, but few found a satisfactory explanation for the tragedy of 911.  An explanation that divides good from evil, light from darkness, life from death.

The spiritual dearth resulting from two generations of revisionist history, secular humanism, and relativism has left America adrift in a stormy sea of pluralism and confusion, while being pursued by pirates, with no lighthouse to provide a bearing and no wind of common purpose in her sails. Foreign philosophies and ideologies have ripped the rudder off and unchained the anchor. God has been replaced by a godless government and a politically correct media is playing the part of a “false prophet”.  The ship has no captain and the crew is devouring the remaining provender.  The passengers have been sleeping below decks and rats are infesting the ship with disease.

We have yet to officially recognize the enemy that perpetrated the last “Day of Infamy” fifteen years ago.

‘Twas not the case in 1941. Congress and the President immediately declared war on the Axis Powers of Japan, Italy, and Germany. There were no calls for “understanding what we did to upset the Japanese”; no pandering President naming the ideology of National Socialism “a peaceful [ideology] which has been hijacked by extremists”.  There was no allowance for Nazi’s in America to participate in memorial ceremonies to honor our dead.  The media did not feature psycho-babble explaining the “Rape of Nanking” China by Imperial Japan as Chinese oppression, or that  Pearl Harbor was a result of intrusive American foreign policy.

These perpetrators of Nazism, Fascism, and Imperial Conquest were named and identified as enemies of the United States of America. Roosevelt continued in his speech,No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion the American people will in their righteous might win through to absolute victory.”

 In the closing paragraphs, he stated, “I speak the will of the Congress and of the people when I assert that we will not only defend ourselves to the uttermost but will see to it that this form of treachery shall never endanger us again. Hostilities exist…”

On the other hand, Presidents since 911 have never recognized that while we are not at war with a specific country with uniformed troops, the enemy is much more specifically identifiable than by terms like “Terrorists”, “Killers”, “Evildoers” and “Radical Extremists” or even “Al Qaida”.  Yes the enemy may be all those adjectives but these terms do not identify a reason for the action of war or the source of it. There are all kinds of killers, evildoers, radicals, and a myriad of self named groups who perpetrate a political agenda. These terms do nothing to identify the enemy which has spelled out its intent under no uncertain terms. War.

Jihad, which is defined by the “Classic Manual of Islamic Holy Law” as:  A “war  against non-Muslims, and is etymologically derived from the word mujahada [soldier], signifying warfare to establish the religion…” until all the world is brought under the rule of Sharia, and Allah’s religion reigns supreme, is what we are embroiled in.

We are at war.  9/11 was not a criminal act.  It was an act of war perpetrated upon a sovereign nation by a socio-politico ideological system that at its very core is racist, compulsory, supremacist, and imperialistic. This ideology crosses geographical and national lines.

The enemy is the radical ideology of Islam. And make no mistake, radical Islam is Fundamentalist Islam, which is the truest form of Islam.  But our government and other institutions cannot bring themselves to identify the true source of this fight.  An enemy unrecognized will overtake and subdue an opponent that is unwilling to confront him. We can pretend that Islam is a “peaceful religion” and whistle through the graveyard at the cost of everything that is good and just about America. Or we can name the enemy and attack it. We are in a death match.

Although the battle may be physical in the military sense, the war is Spiritual. If America refuses to recognize this most important fact, she loses. If America loses, the entire world loses.  In the words of Lincoln, America is still “the last best hope for Earth”.  Today, the only hope for her survival is her people turn to the only source of hope; Faith in the God of our Fathers.  (Incidentally, He has no parlay with, nor is He related to the cultic deity, Allah of the Quran.)

[This article first published by DTN in 2011 has been revised for dates but otherwise remains original]




11 responses

10 09 2016

Another great article. Please quit confusing me with facts. Ignorance is preferable. When my ignorance is educated, distract myself with mindless pursuits so I will quickly forget.

11 09 2016

Who cares about the facts? If you state the facts, you are labeled a hate monger. We all need to be unafraid to speak the truth, which will benefit everyone more than being politically correct.

14 09 2016
Citizen Tom

The sad thing about FDR is that he helped lay the groundwork for today’s apathy.

It may sound strange, but the primary reason we are suffering a spiritual problem is we are reading the wrong books. Instead of reading books about history, we need to start reading historic books. The Bible is a historic book, for example. By itself it would be a huge difference if everyone read it. However, if we read classical literature, the books that our nation’s founders read we would have a much better understanding of the Bible’s role in history.

What do we read instead? We read a secularized version of history. We read the book approved by our leaders, not the books that changed history.

Edward Bulwer-Lytton said “the pen is mightier than the sword” (=> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_pen_is_mightier_than_the_sword). He was right. Because we read the wrong books, we are losing the spiritual war. Therefore, we are losing the war.

14 09 2016


28 09 2016

It’s not that you are reading the wrong books. It’s brcause you and many like you are totally worthless human beings without a clue, that stand for nothing, have no moral compass, have allowed institutions and governments to think for you, oppress, impoverish, and murder you, while you dance in a patriotic fugue state. A legitimate human being(s) woild be engaged in guerilla warfare to overthrow this 100% Corrupt, Totalitarian, Police-State.

29 09 2016

And is that you that makes the news every time someone kills a cop? That is burning down and looting businesses? That is yelling, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon!”? Is that you?

28 09 2016

This article reflects the views of a socialized, indoctrinated, brainwashed, self-deluded, self-policing, conditioned-from-the-womb, told-what-to-think, don’t-have-an-original-thought moron. Historians finally through years and years of research concluded by concensus that FDR lined up the battleships and cruisers at Pearl Harbor intentionally with the purpose of inticing the Japanese to bomb them so that it would would did stir up a wave of patriotic euphoria from the sheeple, to gicve the impetus needed to enter the US into a war, thatnotherwise would not have been acceptable by the sheeple. The reason the powers that be wanted to enter the war was so the bankers could finance both sides of the war. The srcond ‘day-of-infamy’, to use the phrase of this author, wss 911, a vicious, heinous tradegy inflicted on the American people by their own government so that the sheeple would support more wars and regime changes in many other countries so the handful of the few wealthy can gain more control, and wealth, concentrated in their hands, and to the detriment of everybody else on the planet. This government is the problem. This government has killed over one hundred million people since it’s inception. This government has killed five times more people than Hitler and Stalin have killed, combined. Infamy? That isinfamy!

29 09 2016

So where is this utopia that you live in? Pearl Harbor does have its conspiratorial attributes, and governments do lend themselves to corruption. But a government is only a reflection of its people. Corruptible people placed into powerful positions are going to breed more corruption and concentrate more power. The founders knew this and their resulting legal work reflects it. In the end, no legal document is going to discipline a lawless and godless people. This is what Adams meant when he said “The Constitution was made for a moral and religious people; it is wholly inadequate to the governance of any other. Or as Robert Winthrop said, “Man will be governed from within or from without, by God or by man, by the Bible or by the bayonet.”

Your comment presumes that I am an FDR disciple. Far be it. You have obviously not read past this story.
Your hyperbolic holocaust is the argument of Marxists who have become insurgents perpetrating unrest, from the halls of academia to the streets of Ferguson on a the premise of a false narrative. It is a fools errand.

30 09 2016
Citizen Tom


I think you have a troll, a rather mindless one.

30 09 2016

I think you are right. He is camping under the bridge and feeds on anti-American propaganda, Marxism, and conspiratorial speculation. I publish these comments so all can see the fella who will be leading the guerrilla bands in the coming revolution. No doubt he is fearless, well read, and highly educated. One whom the Founders would have drafted to share his extensive knowledge and vast resume’ and knowledge of government and civil society. A “Truther”, no less.

30 09 2016
Citizen Tom


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