“180”- 33 Minutes that will Rock your World!

9 10 2011

Ray Comfort’s Shocking Award Winning Documentary. Public Advisory: Some Graphic Content



4 responses

9 10 2011

I pulled the plug at 17 minutes. Couldn’t take the stupid uniformed people on the street. Can’t determine the objective of the whole shebang.

9 10 2011

Hang with it Bob! You stopped about 3 minutes too early.

27 10 2011

Propaganda at its finest.

15 05 2012

Young people aren’t taught to really think anymore, much less the Bible or morality. Just agree with a popular, politically correct phrase–pick one: “It’s a Woman’s Right to Choose”, “Don’t Discriminate”, “Don’t Be a Racist”, “Don’t Judge”…..ad nauseum. It’s encouraging to see what happens to some people when they are actually taught to THINK!

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